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Display Case

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Looking for a way to display your favorite dice? This handy floating frame has you covered! Pop it open, lay it flat on a table, place your dice on the membrane, then close the lid and TA-DA! It can safely accommodate a full 7 piece set or a 35mm jumbo d20.

The frame can be set on a surface normally, or you can insert the corner into the included stand to display it on a stylish angle. You can use a hair dryer on low to lightly heat the membrane of an open, empty case to "reset" its shape.

If you order a case with a set of dice, the dice will be pre-packed into the case by default unless you leave a note at checkout you'd like them to remain separate.

The outer dimensions of the case are 3.5" x 3.5". When displayed in the base on the diagonal angle, the overall height is approximately 5".

*Dice set shown for demonstration purposes only and is not included with this product.

Customer Reviews

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Charles Melnyk
Chonky D20 Displayed Proudly!

I had a terrible time finding a proper display a custom chonky D20, until I saw this holding a similar die and knew this is perfect!!