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RAW Burned Purple Void

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**This set comes as pictured. Please thoroughly read the description.**

A full standard 7 piece polyhedral set (d20, d12, d%, d10, d8, d6, and d4) of a purple Void 2.0 test set. This was a set testing doing The Void series as blanks, however the purple foil used "burned" during curing. From some angles the foil appears purple, however in some lighting it appears to be what can best be described as "fluorescent brown". It's a neat effect! Just not what I need it to be.

This set is raw, meaning it is fresh from the molds and has not had any finishing done. All dice in the set will require sanding/polishing to varying degrees to remove flashing edges and repair minor imperfections. Polishing papers available upon request at no additional charge.

Do not purchase this listing if you expect dice to be playable on arrival. These are intended for individuals who are willing to do finishing work. Finished d20s and full sets are available on the site, with more coming future shop updates.