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RAW Pink Colorshift Bloops (Naming Is Hard)

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A full standard 7 piece polyhedral set (d20, d12, d%, d10, d8, d6, and d4) with colorshift blue inside clear resin. The colorshift pigment settled to one side of the die more than I would consider normal (and came out a little "thinner" than intended), so I am making them available as project dice and discounting them further than a normal raw set. These were a re-attempt at the "Naming is Hard - Pink" set if you'd like to see better pictures of what the colorshift looks like.

This set is raw, meaning it is fresh from the molds and has not had any finishing done (it is fully cured). All dice in the set will require sanding/polishing to varying degrees to remove flashing edges and repair minor imperfections. Polishing papers available upon request at no additional charge.

*Dice are entirely handmade from start to finish and therefore may have minor imperfections or color variations. Pictures are representative of the color and style but your exact set may vary. Please note color calibration of your screen may also vary. While they are just as balanced as commercially produced dice, it is recommended handmade dice be used for casual play only.